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Taking A Stand

I’ve always been the one to be neutral. At least that’s who I’ve let people see.
I wouldn’t disclose my full opinion, because I worried about who would argue with me.
Why do I silence myself? Why do I care to hide it?
I’ve hid my opinions, I’ve lost out on finding people to confide in.
By silencing myself I neglected to see the real me.
By silencing myself I limited the person that I could grow to be.
So now I take a stand.
I don’t take a stand to fight.
And when I take the stand,
I won’t tell people that only I am right.
You can stand for what you believe in and respect other’s points of view.
You can stand for what you believe in and remain a respectable you.



Ambiguity is my enemy.

Knowing something will come and not knowing when it will be.

I feel lost, I feel lazy,

I’m always clouded, everything is hazy.

I know that I am doing at least something for now,

But I want something more somehow.

I’m not sure that waiting is going satisfy,

How can I just let months go and slip by?

I feel people are judging and I want them to know,

That success is what I am no doubt going to undergo.

So here I sit and wait for everything to finally start,

But it’s with an ache in my head and hole in my heart.


Every new beginning holds something in sight,

and most of the time what is trying to be seen isn’t right.

At the start we all have certain expectations,

But in time circumstances change our situations.

Some for the better, some for the worse.

It all depends on if what happens is a blessing or the curse.

So right now I’m not sure what I see,

Because you can never pinpoint the correct possibility.

Right now I’m fine with going with what comes along,

Which will narrow my chances of being wrong.

Here’s to new experiences and new life lessons,

I’ll take a curse or two if it means I’ll have a blessing.


I am not ready to leave everything and everyone that I know.

I’m not ready to leave, I do not want to go.

Is this really how it was all supposed to go?

Because there’s a part of me doesn’t really know.

Four years ago the future didn’t look quite like this,

And now that it’s here I think my expectations are what I miss.

Although I know that this is what I’m meant to do,

I’m just not ready for this chapter to be through.

How do I leave this place? How do I leave these faces?

My heart is breaking and leaving empty spaces.

These spaces won’t ever be filled the same way.

No, I’m not ready, not at all ready for that day.

My Own Worst Enemy

Sometimes I sit here and can’t even escape my own thoughts.

My body becomes trapped here and I think ’til I’m distraught.

I think of all these questions in which I’m seeking for the lies,

When in reality this is hideous considering there is nothing to hide.

I’m embarrassed of myself and for that I do suffer.

Because I automatically will assume this makes me an embarrassment to another.

I think of all my negatives, because these things I think I can fix,

But I always end up disappointed, throwing another emotion into the mix.

Sometimes I look at myself and I’m surprised at what I see,

Because being this person right before me is not something I knew I could be.

Then other times I think that I was just too conceited,

And all along a reality check was what I needed.

So now I have no idea if I like the person I see,

But I do know that I am my own worst enemy.

Used To

I used to believe that we only had one shot.
If it didn’t work the first time then we failed.
If you couldn’t get it right you didn’t deserve it.
You weren’t worthy.
It would change the kind of person you are.
It didn’t matter if it wasn’t your fault.
People were gonna judge you without knowing your story.
It reflects who you are no matter what.
Regardless if you couldn’t help it.
But we can’t help it.
We can’t control everything in our lives because we can’t control everyone.
If we could then it would take away the beauty.
It would make the special things not so special.
They’re special because you happened to feel a certain way the same time someone else feels that way.
And what are the chances of that?
Things don’t always work out, but when they do, damn they’re great.
That’s why I said used to.
If it doesn’t work out the first time you can look forward to the next time.
The next time could be the time.
The time that everything works out or maybe just the time that made you so ridiculously happy.
So I used to believe we only got one shot.
But really we only have one life to take as many shots as needed.

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